How to use electromagnetic valve laser welding machine

Solenoid valve laser welding machine superiority:

(1) It is derived from the fiber bundle by galvanometer welding, which can effectively make the processing speed faster;
(2) According to the welding material, changing the output waveform of energy can effectively improve the welding quality;
(3) The output waveform can be arbitrarily set according to the welding material and shape during the welding process of the real object;
(4) Using negative feedback energy technology to make the output energy have good repeatability, the laser energy output can be stabilized every time, effectively increasing the yield of the product;
(5) Moreover, the laser can simultaneously output a plurality of fiber bundles, and the fiber bundles are simultaneously processed and processed in multiple positions, so that you can process as desired and provide more precise welding.

Post time: Dec-07-2021