IR-CUT Dual Filter Switch for CCTV Security Camera Lens Projector ATM-ICR-126

Short Description:

Model: ATM-ICR-126

Electrical Features:
Resistance: 17Ω±10%
Action Voltage: 4.5~5.5V DC
Static Holding Force: 2gf-cm Min

Product Detail

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Optical Features

1. Glass Thickneess: T=0.3mm.

2. Red Glass Size: 9x8.7mm.

3. Glass(red) Transmission.

Wavelength Transmission
400nm-420nm T>85%, Tave>88%
420nm-620nm T>94%, Tave>96%
645±10nm T=50%, slope 80%-20%<20nm
680nm T<2%
700nm-1050nm Tave<1%, T<2%
1050nm-1100nm Tave<2%, T<4%

Application: Security camera, CCTV camera, Projector, Night Vision.

Placement of IR-CUT Switch in a security camera lens.

Referenced Drawing:


2D Drawing:


Drawings for more IR filters

Model: ATM-ICR-096
Electrical Features:
1, Resistance: 25Ω±5Ω(normal temperature)
2, Driving voltage: 3.3-4.5V, rated voltage: 4.5V
3, Current: 144-200mA

Optical Features:
1,Glass thickness: red=0.21mm, white=0.145mm
2,Glass dimension:8*9mm


Model: ATM-ICR-050
Electrical Features:
1, Resistance: 50Ω±10%Ω(normal temperature)
2, Driving voltage: 3.8-5.0V
3, Current: 70-90mA

Optical Features:
1,Glass thickness: T=0.21mm
2,Glass dimension:7*6.5mm


Fast Delivery:

3-7 Workdays for Sample order and part of Hot products.
20 Workdays for Batch order which no storage
30-45 Workdays for Customized Lens design and Sample offer


Waterproof Packing:
Under 50pcs: Put in one plastic tray, and then put in yellow cuboid box
Above 50pcs: Each 50pcs put in one plastic tray, and then put in one big Carton together

Fast Shipping:
Support Express (HK DHL,UPS,EMS,FedEx, TNT, DHL, ARMEX), Air transportation and Sea

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